Tax Advisory & Company Secretary

Tax Advisory & Company Secretary

Algebra can help you with tax and statutory compliance for individuals and companies, including the submission of tax and ACRA returns.

We take care of your deadlines, we prepare the documents for statutory submission for your review and on line signature….the whole process is paperless.

Tax Compliance

Our team is composed of professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to provide cutting edge consulting services. By hiring us, you can enjoy tax advantages in Singapore, accumulate savings, and so forth. Keep reading for a detailed explanation of our tax consulting services.

Singapore Tax Services

What our tax consulting services offer:

Income tax calculations for individuals and corporations
Corporate and personal spendings have tax implications that may have an impact on estimated chargeable income and other similar matters; that being said, it’s essential for companies to obtain fool proof corporate as well as personal income tax computations that are achieved in the most cost and time-efficient way possible.

Filing and submission for Form C (corporate), Form B / B1 (Individual), Form T (trust), Form P (partnership) and others.
Filing Form C (enterprise), Form B / B1 (personal), Form T (trust), Form P (Partnership) and others can be time-consuming, not to mention large expenses, especially if performed incorrectly. For these reasons, it is best to have specialists able to provide help and guidance at all stages of the process.

Attend to IRAS queries on tax matters for legal entities and individuals.
Tax-related issues may arise from time to time since the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) regularly releases tax advisory in Singapore and other directives. In line with this, it’s best to have experts who can extensively attend to them, without wasting time in the process.

Estimated income by the company
All Singapore-based companies are legally required to provide Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI). However, some entities are exempt from this specific guideline. Given this factor, it is best to hire specialists capable of handling taxable income and eligible tax expenses. This is necessary because, in addition to declaring ECI, companies must also disclose their revenues on the ECI form. The government has requested this clause since January 2017.

Goods and services tax (GST)
Goods and services tax (GST) is a tax on domestic consumption. The tax is paid when money is spent on goods or services, including imports. It is a multi-stage tax which is collected at every stage of the production and distribution chain. the GST rate is set at 7%, GST registered companies are required to submit periodical GST return.

Cross-Border Taxation Services

Transfer Pricing advisory and documentation
(i.e. Master File, Local File, Country-by-Country Reporting and Benchmarking Report)

International Tax advisory and planning

Tax advisory for IPO purpose

Company Secretarial Compliance

ALGEBRA is Licensed Filing Agent registered with ACRA.

Our specialized company secretarial compliance service provides you with the security and peace of mind of having the company’s statutory books and annual returns systematically maintained.

Clients who take advantage of this service are assured that all necessary returns and statutory requirements are completed on time, signed and lodged with ACRA.

Company’s secretarial records are properly maintained. To comply with this requirement, company documents must be properly prepared according to the Companies Act and lodged with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Algebra offers a comprehensive range of Corporate Secretarial Services, including:

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